Public Announcements


Lots of changes coming


As many of you have seen we have been quiet over the past few months while we prepare for our next journeys in growth. 


We wanted to take a moment to share some information as it relates to our new growth model being an HDI local chapter.      You can find more about HDI Local Chapters here

Our Website, communications, meeting registrations, and membership will be self-contained and give us the ability to have a uninform look and feel among all chapters. 

If you missed the memo HDI connect is now available to everyone to share ideas, collaborate with peers, find answering to those burning questions or share your awesome ideas with others. 

Check out HDI Connect here : 


We will be posting our upcoming meeting announcements, updating our sponsorships and rallying the troops as we move forward into our new adventures. 


We are so very thankful for our community of technical professionals that continues to push us to that next level of greatness. 


if you have feedback on meeting topics, suggestions, comments, or concerns please email them to [email protected]